Goblin's Bounty

By Stuart Lloyd 


Have you ever just wanted to kick back and relax but couldn’t because you had to take the trash out?

Goblin’s bounty is like that. Except instead of kicking back and relaxing, you’re scrabbling around in a cave for gold. And instead of taking the trash out, you have to prevent a mysterious mechanical beast from destroying your land.

Isn’t that the job for real heroes, I hear you ask? Chivalrous armoured knights with shining swords, powerful fireball flinging wizards and clerics who can call down the power of the heavens? Yes it is. Except you’ve just killed them.

The gamebook aspect of Goblin’s Bounty means that you can explore different worlds at your leisure and forge your legend as a hero among goblins. The innovative combat system is based on collectable card games where you can collect weapons, armour, spells and creatures and use them against your adversaries in magical duels.

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